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Elena Skoko, Featured Author, Memoir of a Singing Birth

"A tale of childbirth seen as a powerful rite of passage and a sensual experience. A testimony where the pain is transformed into song. Author Elena Skoko takes you on the island of Bali and one of its traditions, crossing scenarios of birth in the Western world, and culminating in friendship with the midwife and poet Ibu Robin Lim. The book describes in detail the lotus birth. Acute, simple and direct reads a night and makes you dream." 
"The passion of this amazing musician, mother, woman and now author is captured line by line, page by page and moment by moment. Her song is one that women throughout all of time and around the world know. The wonder of childbirth and the beauty when embraced in in a wholistic, spiritual, metaphysical way is the most amazing events any human will ever experience. To the many women who wipe the brow of a woman in labor, to the women who hold the hands of the child, Elena's memoir is a must read." M.E. LaLuna, ArtSeesDiner 

Elena Skoko - Author Memoirs of a Singing Birth

Elena Skoko Author of Memoir of a Singing Birth


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