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Rate Leilah's New music "Make Believe" which song do you believe is the next #1 pop hit? 
Leilah "Make Believe"
Patrick Holman, "A Patriot in the Making"

August is "INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER MONTH!" So, what does this mean? Well, at first it was to highlight some of the guests are ArtSees Diner Radio, but, now there has become a much more important reason. That reason is the presenting of pertinent information to the people. The Independent Filmmakers that are being featured through the "Diner" are important because they are telling their story, your story, the story of history unfolding before our very eyes. Each one in their own way are drawing attention to both the beauty in our world, and those clear and present danger realities of our human nature. I am sharing with you on my editorial page, Patrick F. Holman's work. This video is telling, it is relevant, and I encourage you to pass it on and re-post it to your social networks. The interview with Patrick F. Holman goes even deeper into understanding the man behind the film. 

Mary E. Rapier-LaLuna, made a special guest appearance on one of BlogTalkRadio's top hosts, Nicholas Snow of Snow Biz Now Fame! Listen in to this 2 hours of  FUN!

Helping out a friend with a dream! Rob Anthony Dire is a very talented musician, and like many independent artists all he needs is a friendly bump, a nudge, a little help. Please kindly take the time to find out more about Rob, listen to this interview and his music. Talented musician, writer, creator and you can be a part of his success! 
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The Power To Be Strong, by Nicholas Snow, download your copy of his song
Recently, I had the honor of speaking with Nicholas Snow during a heart to heart interview on ArtSees Diner online radio show. He spoke in detail of his life and commitment to raising awareness globally about HIV prevention and outreach through his song and video, The Power to Be Strong.
 Nicholas Snow is a producer, journalist, host, actor, singer/songwriter and all-around multimedia personality who collaborates with others in creating compelling content intended not only to entertain, educate and inform listeners, readers, viewers and followers, but to also have a continual positive influence in the world.He is wildly successful with his BlogTalkRadio show, Snow Biz Now -Featuring Nicholas Snow boasting over 1 Million listens
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Nicholas shared in detail about the creation of The Power To Be Strong.  This music video campaign ( HIV / AIDS Music Video Saving Lives Worldwide — "The Power To Be Strong"), the MP3 for which is available for free download from the front page  Desert AIDS Project. Nicholas thanks music producer Bruno Brugnano, director O Nathapon and singer Ayano Kimura among many others for making it all possible! 

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Now featuring STUDIO 538 , the work of Mary E.

Thanks for stopping by my table here at the Diner. I love the Diner, it is a reflection of my heart and soul. Here you will find links to my music, my videos Flower and Stone , my poetry, and The Box , a short story about love and the torment that comes from that for letter word!

One and One , a wedding song for Greg and Roxanne, a Champagne and LaLuna Original

I Feel The Earth Move Carole King cover

Moondance Van Morrison cover

Moonlight  cover

My Cherie Amor  Stevie Wonder cover

Natural Woman Carole King cover

Bye Bye Blackbird

Bella Luna Champagne/LaLuna original

Missing You Champagne/LaLuna original

Strides sung by Mary E. LaLuna

Mary E. LaLuna Archived Articles and Ponderances

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Mary E. LaLuna

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Leilah ~ Make Believe
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